The PolyEarn preventive has ended, and we have raised 6,247 MATICs that will be added to PEN’s initial liquidity. The distribution of the PEN tokens has begun and you will soon be able to see it reflected in your wallets.

At the end of the distribution we will send the transaction ID through the ad channel. Any problem or query do not hesitate to contact us. The platform will start operating on block 16923000… We thank all investors for their support.

Now it is the job of the entire community to carry out a PolyEarn to the moon. The team will be in charge of generating the tools for this to happen. EVERYONE TOGETHER TOWARDS THE MOON

🔜Only 3 hours until the launch of the presale ⏱⌛️🚀


Yield farm on Polygon #Polygon #YieldFarming Telegram: Reddit: Website:

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